Friday, October 2, 2015

A selfie a day keeps the sicks away.


                     Everybody Loves Pizza,Right?

                      The next surprises is came from my senior high school mates till now, and they chosen Pizza for my cake.. and they came almost night at 5 pm, lol

but thanks for ur surprises guys, me love you guys.....    

                                                         thx for Riri,Nindy,Mira,Caca.

                                       thx for being my routines suprised every year hahaha 

                                                                since.4years ago :") 

 Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon

10th August 1995
I'm 20 Years Old.
they came into my house bringing some baloon and cakes 
it really surprised me..cause they came in the early morning
and here they are..
thanks a lot my college friends 
fani,caca,mira X0X0.