Friday, October 2, 2015

A selfie a day keeps the sicks away.


                     Everybody Loves Pizza,Right?

                           Second surprise for me from my senior high school mates till now.

                                      they chosen Pizza for my cake.they came at 5pm -_- 

                                           but thankyou very much my best mates ever

                                                         thx for Riri,Nindy,Mira,Caca.

                                       thx for being my routines suprised every year hahaha 

                                                                since.4years ago :") 

 Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon

 So... when 10 August 2015 they came into my house,bring the balloon and some cakes just surprising me because I'm in Birthday at that day.

I thought they didn't come,cause they act like they didn't care at 9th august when I'm just tryin to ask what they gonna do for my bday  hahaha

so here they are..sorry for the late post..

thx,A lot Fani,Caca,Mira

much love,XOXO